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Sentences the Judge may Impose Against DUI Convict

DUI ConvictionIf only given the chance to choose what sentence to serve, criminal convicts and Tampa DUI Attorneys for sure would opt for that which involving lighter penalties. But allowing so would constitute “distortion” of the justice system or the rule of law for such duty is primarily the judge’s being the sole arbiter of cases, or sometimes left on the sound discretion of the juries. Whatever decision reached by these authorities is immediately imposable, though may be delayed in instances where the defendant appeals the judgment to the higher court. This action may lead either to the modification of the sentence or retaining the same or reversal of the entire verdict; however, that ought to be predicated on reasonable grounds. Irrespective of such, though, the sentences may only revolve among these alternatives:

 Prison Sentences

There are states having mandatory rule for the judges t…

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Lawyer’s Tactics to Save Driver’s License at DMV Hearing

Lawyer’s Tactics to Save Driver’s License at DMV HearingAfter being arrested for driving under the influence, the next scenario to expect is either plea bargaining negotiation by the accused with the prosecution or trying to lower the sentence through DUI Lawyer in Tampa in the course of legal proceeding. It could take a longer time to settle and the defendant may suffer from commuting from home to work and vice versa as the driver’s license in this case is suspended or revoked by the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) or upon the order of the court. Saving this privilege is thus critical for the accused not to go through this consequence and that, apparently, is possible by hiring a competent defense attorney to ensure victory in DMV Hearing. What you ought to know about this process is that a lawyer could initiate the following tactics to save your driver’s license:

Wise Selection of Hearing Officer

The foremost consideration of a defe…

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Legal Consequences to Avoid when Arrested for DUI

Arrested for DUIWhile drinking before driving is not subject to punishment, maneuvering a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drug is not an excuse from penalties imposed for by the existing criminal laws. This instance falls under the provision against DUI which is found out to be a typical cause of road accidents in the U.S. and when a person is arrested for such offense, there are certain consequences to face including among the worse are incarceration and revocation of driver’s license. It is then the burden of the defense to avoid suffering this harsh sentence by either entering plea bargaining agreement with the prosecution or present mitigating circumstances at court trial. In particular, the consequences which the defense or DUI Lawyer in Tampa would try eradicating or lowering in this case are the following:

Losing Driver's License

Regardless of whether subsequent or first-time …

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