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Legal Consequences to Avoid when Arrested for DUI

Arrested for DUIWhile drinking before driving is not subject to punishment, maneuvering a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drug is not an excuse from penalties imposed for by the existing criminal laws. This instance falls under the provision against DUI which is found out to be a typical cause of road accidents in the U.S. and when a person is arrested for such offense, there are certain consequences to face including among the worse are incarceration and revocation of driver’s license. It is then the burden of the defense to avoid suffering this harsh sentence by either entering plea bargaining agreement with the prosecution or present mitigating circumstances at court trial. In particular, the consequences which the defense or DUI Lawyer in Tampa would try eradicating or lowering in this case are the following:

Losing Driver's License

Regardless of whether subsequent or first-time DUI conviction, the offender might lose driver’s license being one punishment for the offense in all states. This is followed even in areas providing hardship license allowing the convict to drive from home to work during the suspension or revocation of license. It is also noteworthy that in some states this penalty can be imposed immediately when the accused has refused to take field sobriety tests.

Paying a Fine

This would likewise be included in the DUI sentence upon conviction, but the minimum and maximum amount, though, vary in different states. It can also be enhanced or lightened by the court depending on the circumstances such as property damage or child endangerment involved in the case. Further, the offender may also be required to pay the court costs associated with the case.

Spending Time in Jail

Jail time for driving under the influence is already made mandatory in various states, but the duration of which is still dependent on the existing laws or upon the determination of the judge. Typically, however, the first-time offenders are required to spend one or two days in jail even during weekend. But for the offenders with previous criminal record, such penalty is longer than usually imposed; yet, it could also be increased when there are aggravating circumstances.

Completing the Terms of Probation

Even if not sentenced to jail time for DUI conviction, the offender being defended by DUI Lawyers Tampa would still be given a probation sentence which terms are dependent on the discretion of the judge. Failure to abide by the conditions, however, would lead to re-imposition of the jail time penalty and other parts of sentence. But even if completed, such alternative still means another expense to pay during the administration or supervision of the probated sentence.

Going to Drunk Driving School

For the driving privileges to be reactivated, it is a common rule in almost all jurisdictions to enroll and complete alcohol and drug education program or the drunk driving school. The convict here is obliged to attend classes on DUI prevention education and including the assessment of the alcohol drinking habits. It should also be noted that there is corresponding fee when going through this program in addition to expenses when getting the driver’s license back.

Apart from the above-mentioned penalties, the person arrested and consequently gets convicted for DUI may also be required to undergo alcohol evaluation, pay higher auto insurance, and install ignition interlock device. As such, to avoid these, it is critical for the defendant to consult and work with a competent Tampa DUI lawyer.

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