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Sentences the Judge may Impose Against DUI Convict

DUI ConvictionIf only given the chance to choose what sentence to serve, criminal convicts and Tampa DUI Attorneys for sure would opt for that which involving lighter penalties. But allowing so would constitute “distortion” of the justice system or the rule of law for such duty is primarily the judge’s being the …

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Lawyer’s Tactics to Save Driver’s License at DMV Hearing

Lawyer’s Tactics to Save Driver’s License at DMV HearingAfter being arrested for driving under the influence, the next scenario to expect is either plea bargaining negotiation by the accused with the prosecution or trying to lower the sentence through DUI Lawyer in Tampa in the course of legal proceeding. It could take a longer time to settle and the def…

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Legal Consequences to Avoid when Arrested for DUI

Arrested for DUIWhile drinking before driving is not subject to punishment, maneuvering a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drug is not an excuse from penalties imposed for by the existing criminal laws. This instance falls under the provision against DUI which is found out to be a typical cause of ro…

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